How To Build Racing Kayaks

Need to know how to build a Racing Kayak? This article will help you build a Racing Kayak that will be both durable and dependable. Most Racing Kayaks are made out of plastic, but you can make your Racing Kayak out of fiberglass. In this article we will make a Racing Fiberglass Kayak.


  1. Draw out your design. The first step you want to start with is to draw out the design of your Racing Kayak. Either you can draw out the dimensions and components by hand or you can use a software program to draw out your design of the Racing Kayak.
  2. Shaping the Racing Kayak mould. As you start building the Racing Kayak mould you will need to probably re-shape the body of the Kayak more than once.  Keep re-shaping the Kayak until you are happy with the shape of the Racing Kayak.  Now that you have the Racing Kayak mould shaped you are ready to start pouring the mixture into the mould to create the Racing Kayak. Let the mixture sit overnight to harden before removing from the mould. After taking the Racing Kayak out of the mould you are ready to paint it. 
  3. Painting the Racing Kayak. Picking out the color for your Racing Kayak is the first step. You will want to pick out a paint that has a gelcoat in it and enough to use two coats of paint. There is no need to polish the surface after you have painted the Racing Kayak. The gelcoat in the paint makes it look nice and glossy. 



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