How To Build A Radio Receiver

Learning how to build a radio receiver is not as hard as you may think. With a few basic tools and some time to spare, you will soon have a radio receiver in hand and ready to get you the signals that you want to get.

What You Will Need:

  • A one megahertz crystal oscillator
  • An audio transformer
  • A generic printed circuit board
  • A phone plug
  • A 9 volt battery clip
  • A 9 volt battery
  • A set of alligator jumpers.
  • Some insulated wire.

What You Will Need to Do:

  1. Glue the transformer to the printed circuit board. If you don't want glue, you can drill two holes and use micro-screws to hold it down. Leave it on the left side of the board.
  2. Insert the leads of your oscillator in the pattern of the circuit board. Be sure to place it to the far right of the board. Then, solder the oscillator pins into the copper foil. Don't connect them or let them touch. 
  3. Insert the battery clip. Then, attach it to the board the same way that you did with the leads of the oscillator.
  4. Clip one lead in half. Make sure that each wire has an alligator clip attached to it. Connect the clips to the board in the same way that you did with the oscillator. Then, connect the second one to the power supply.
  5. Add the battery. Test your radio. You may not be able to get the signal like you would on a standard radio, since you cannot control the frequency, but you will know that you have done it right if you are getting static.
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