How To Build A Relationship Without Intercourse

Want to learn how to build a relationship without intercourse? Sex is an important part of romantic relationships for many people, but a relationship doesn't have to involve intercourse to be successful. Strong, healthy relationships are built around trust, respect and communication, things that you can achieve without sexual intercourse.

  1. Communicate with your partner. Talk about your personality, beliefs and goals. Listen to your partner and make it clear that you care about what she's saying. Be honest and be willing to open up, but don't pressure each other to discuss uncomfortable topics before you're comfortable in the relationship and have built up trust. Good communication will build a relationship where you feel comfortable discussing important things with each other.
  2. Express intimacy in other ways. Just because you're not having sex doesn't mean you can't be physically affectionate. Hug, kiss and cuddle with your partner. Express your love with words and romantic gestures, like writing a poem or cooking dinner. If you feel comfortable, talk about your sexual fantasies or engage in sexual activity other than intercourse. This is especially important if building a relationship without intercourse will be a long-term thing–for example, if a health issue prevents intercourse.
  3. Respect your partner. There are numerous reasons you may want to build a relationship without intercourse; perhaps your or your partner have moral objections to sex, or health issues make intercourse difficult. Whatever the reason, building a relationship without intercourse requires respecting each others' decisions and bodily autonomy. Respect each others' beliefs and needs–don't try to pressure each other into sex.
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