How To Build A Remote Control Boat

It's easy to learn how to build a remote control boat and doing so will only take you a few hours and a little bit of creativity. So, take a few minutes to learn how to create this fun toy for yourself. In the end, you'll be glad you did.

In order to build a remote control boat you will need:

  • An old remote control airplane
  • 80-grit sandpaper
  • Foam (measuring four-by-six inches)
  • Epoxy glue
  • Two-tone paint
  • An old cell phone battery
  • Solder and soldering equipment
  • Black silicone
  1. Use a piece of 80-grit sand paper to form a flat piece of foam (measuring four-by-six inches) to create the shape you want when you build a remote control boat.
  2. Create a square to hold the electronics for your control. Make sure the wires are left connected to the motor and the batteries are left exposed. 
  3. Use epoxy to glue the motors and the motor stand onto the control for your remote control boat. Make sure you don’t attach the batteries for your remote control boat yet.
  4. Coat your entire remote control boat with epoxy. Whenever you work with epoxy, you will need to work fast. Make sure to smooth it out nicely because it will be really difficult to sand otherwise. 
  5. Paint your remote control boat. Use a nice two-tone design.
  6. Solder the battery onto your remote control boat before gluing it to the top of your boat’s body. You will only need to use a really small amount of black silicone for this since you might want to remove it someday.
  7. Cut off the pigtail that is used for charging the airplane remote and place it in the old cell phone charger. This will allow you to be able to plug your remote control boat into the wall to charge.
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