How To Build A Renaissance Faire Merchant Booth

Learning how to build a Renaissance Faire merchant booth can be an interesting prospect for regular festival attendees. By setting up a booth, you get the opportunity to immerse yourself more deeply in the Renaissance culture, as well as make a little money on the side. This article is meant to teach you how to make your own Renaissance Faire merchant booth out of readily available materials. 

In order to start building your own Renaissance Faire merchant booth, you'll need the following materials:

  • 4 closet poles 7' (Make sure that these are at least 1.5 inches in diameter)

  • 3 closet poles 11' 9''

  • 4 closet poles 6' 5''

  • 4 metal corner pieces (Think corners of a cube)

  • 2 metal roof arch pieces

  • 12'x12' Tarp

  • 8 or 10 oz. canvas drop cloth that is about the same size as your tarp or a foot larger on both dimensions.

  • 50' of sisal rope

  • Ball of twine

  • 4-8 landscaping spikes 10' and appropriately sized washers

  • 30 or more ball-capture bungees.

  • Sandpaper or some other sanding tool


  1. Make fitting and size adjustments. All the closet poles need to fit inside the metal corner and arch pieces. In order to make the proper adjustments ensure that all measurements are made and checked prior to any cutting or tapering. Tapering will need to be done for the poles to fit in the arch pieces. It is important to ensure that measurements are correct so that your Renaissance Faire merchant booth will be steady and stable throughout the faire.

  2. Create the roof frame. To create the wood frames of the Renaissance Faire merchant booth attach the 11' 9'' poles and the 6' 5'' poles to the corner and roof arch pieces. When you're done, your roof frame should look like two rectangles joined together at an angle. Set the roof frame aside. Many basic roof templates and historically accurate frame ideas can be found at, a Society of Creative Anachronism and Renaissance reenactment site.

  3. Attach the tarp to the roof frame. The ball-capture bungees will be used to attach the tarp. Do not throw away excess tarp. Any excess tarp, or fabric if you have chosen to use fabric, can be used to drape over other portions of the frame.

  4. Cover the tarp with canvas cloth. Use the sisal rope to securely wrap the corners of the canvas cloth to the metal corner pieces. Whip the ends of the sisal rope with twine to secure it. At this point stop and ensure that all corners are securely wrapped on the Renaissance Faire merchant booth.

  5. Add the four 7' poles as legs. To add the poles as legs on the Renaissance Faire merchant booth it will be necessary to raise just one side and add two legs. This is repeated for the legs on the other side , adding two legs, and then adding two legs to the other side. Any unsteady issues will be taken care of in the next step.

  6. Correct the balance of the Renaissance Faire merchant booth. It may be evident that there are issues of balance. This can be easily fixed by running about 9' of rope from each corner of the roof to the ground. Nail a spike into the ground about 18-24 inches from each corner and tie each rope to the appropriate spike.

  7. The Renaissance Faire merchant booth is now completed. From here on, you can customize it in any way you like. A special added touch would be to utilize solid color fabrics to accent the booth and adding a wood or tapestry style sign to advertise your wares.

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