How To Build A Resume For Airline Job

Airlines often have a unique set of criteria when hiring employees and when you build a resume for an airline job, it's important to consider most airlines' criteria. Recent changes in airport security, economic conditions and other influences have made the airline industry a very competitive market for job seekers, so attracting a hiring manager’s attention on the first page of your resume is key to landing an interview.

  1. Highlight any education, training or certification you have received specific to the airline industry. This information should be included in the beginning of your resume. Most airline occupations have specific requirements related to education, so including this information in the beginning of your resume will allow the hiring manager to immediately understand you meet the educational requirements of the job.
  2. Highlight any security clearances you've obtained, even if they're not active. As security becomes more important for airlines, the employer will be attracted to your security knowledge and clearances if they feel it will better your chances of passing any background checks or required security procedures.
  3. Highlight your physical health and active recreational activities you're involved with.  Most airline jobs require employees to be in good physical health, and employees are often required to undergo routine physical exams and testing. Allowing the airline to see you're in good physical health will make you a more attractive candidate. Don't include any physical activities that can be considered dangerous or life-threatening. An adventurist may be in good physical health, but may also concern the employer because of potential injuries and work loss.
  4. List your skills and experience regarding technical equipment such as flight gear, machinery and types of jets you worked with. Because most airline jobs require knowledge of technology used in the industry, showing the employer you have previous experience with a variety of airline equipment will attract an airline employer.
  5. List your previous professional experience briefly, but include all airline experience. When listing your related experience on an airline resume, simply state the employer, your job title, your length of time employed and a brief summary of your job responsibilities. This will allow the employer to see you have experience in the industry, but because the airline industry is federally regulated, it will be more attractive to an employer if you quality for the federal requirements. Unlike on other types of resumes, detailed descriptions of job responsibilities will not attract an employer.


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