How To Build The Right Amount Of Workers In Starcraft 2

If you want the resources and still pump out units, you need to know how to build the right amount of workers in "StarCraft 2." It’s not very hard to gauge the amount of workers you will need. Try to break up the game in three sections with specific goals: the beginning, the middle and the end.

  • Beginning Build as many workers as possible with some restraint.
  • Middle Have at least twice as many workers than actual fighting units to ensure strong end gameplay. Also harass your opponent to drop their worker count.
  • End Have enough workers to replenish at least a quarter of your army at any time.
  1. It’s crucial to build the right amount of workers in the beginning. In "StarCraft 2," the more time you take to pump out those probes, drones or SCVs the more likely you are to get your butt handed to you. Start off by building as many resource gatherers as you can, but leave enough for minerals to build a defense against a rush. You may have to build fast defense if you’re playing against Zerg. Always keep a probe, drone or SCV at the enemy base to scout them out. This will allow you to effectively counter what coming your way and also make you feel better about spending resources on workers.
  2. In the middle of the game you should have a pretty large number of workers compared to your actual unit count. You should have built enough buildings by now that you can simply keep pumping out units when they die in battle. To have the right amount of workers in "StarCraft 2" in the middle of the game means to have enough workers supporting tech research as well. You should have expanded at least once and have been harassing your opponent’s base. Harassing his workers will make sure that you have the resource and unit lead in the end game.
  3. If you have reached this far in the game, you are doing well, but don’t let the thrill of glory take you down. A well placed drop or nuke can quickly alter the way things go in the end game. To build the right amount of workers in "StarCraft 2," you need to have more units than workers by this time. You should also have enough workers to replenish at least a quarter of your army at any time. You should also be finishing up all your techs and building expensive units. The right amount of workers should be about 50 or more at this point.
  4. To recap on the right amount of workers in "StarCraft 2," you should have 50 or more in the end. You should have a considerable amount compared to your actual units in the middle game. In the beginning you should have enough workers to allow minerals for a counter-rush maneuver. The beginning is the hardest to figure out when you’re a newbie, but with practice comes perfection.



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