How To Build A Road Bike

Learning how to build a road bike is a great way to learn about bike maintenance and repair whilst creating something totally original. Many people who learn how to build a road bike are surprised at how easy it can be and how rewarding. From the basic inception of the idea to finished result, building a road bike is a great way to get the bike of your dreams.

Things you will need:

  • Comprehensive set of bike tools
  • Bike frame
  • Handlebars
  • Front forks
  • Wheels
  • Tires
  • Brakes and cables
  • Bike chain
  • Derailleur
  • Gear levers
  • Pedals and cranks
  • Reflectors
  • Seat and post
  • Frame stand
  • Bike grease
  1. Use the frame stand to support the bike frame. This is the body of the bike and the core of your build. To build a road bike start by adding the handlebars and posting to the front of the bike frame.
  2. Grease up the seat post so that it is easily adjustable when inserted into the frame.
  3. Insert the the seat and post into the frame. At this point you will start to see the shape of you project as you build your road bike. Use the seat clamp to keep it in place.
  4. Add the front forks to the frame. Use the appropriate bike tools to tighten the stem so that it is secure. When building your road bike make sure you tighten up everything as you go along.
  5. Insert the cranks onto the bottom bracket of the frame. These should fit securely without any need for lubrication, however, if it is extremely tough then grease bracket just enough to help the crank on. Tighten the cranks.
  6. Attach the derailleur to the rear wheel and fit the tires to both bike wheels. Inflate tires to the required level checking for any leaks or punctures.
  7. Attach the brake housings to the front and rear parts of the bike. Thread the brake cables through the brake housings and up to the levers which you attach to the handlebars. Adjust the cables to allow movement. An integral part to building a road bike, brakes need special attention to make sure they are fitted right.
  8. Attach the wheels to the front and rear forks. At this point of the build you should begin to see the project taking shape. You are at the halfway point of building a road bike.
  9. Add the chain by looping it around around the crank drive shaft and the largest gear on the derailleur. The chain should have enough slack to move in a smooth motion. If it doesn't, adjust accordingly.
  10. Fit the gear housings to the handlebars and thread the gear cables through the underside of the bike frame. Attach the rear gear housing to the rear bike fork. Keep the bike and gear cables loose enough on the handlebars to allow flexibility when turning. At the rear fork make sure brake and gear cables are threaded through rear housing and kept neat and short to prevent snags.
  11. Attach pedals to the cranks. Tighten them using the bike tools. This is one of the final steps in how to build a road bike.
  12. Rotate the pedals to test the chain movement and gear changes. Also test the brakes. Make any final adjustments.
  13. Test the handlebars to make sure they are secure and tight. Adjust accordingly if needed.
  14. Now that the road bike is built, take it for a short test ride to make sure everything is safe and secure. You have now built your first road bike.
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