How To Build A Roller Hockey Rink

Knowing how to build a roller hockey rink can be turned into a money-making venture or a simple community venture. A roller hockey rink is built much like a traditional roller rink with the addition of the measured lines and goals needed for the game. When purchasing the property for the project, assure the area is zoned appropriately for use as a roller hockey rink.

To build a roller hockey rink you will need

  • Property
  • Proper flooring materials
  • Safety walls
  • Roller Hockey rink equipment
  1. Decide on the location. The first step to build a roller hockey rink includes the location decision. A building must have at least 40 feet by 20 feet of open area. This is the minimum space needed for play of roller hockey. No structural poles or braces can be in this area of the building. If you are choosing an outdoor location, no trees, electrical or other utility poles may be in the designated area.
  2. Get licensed. Obtain all permits and licensing needed for building and running your operation.
  3. Build the walls. Roller hockey rinks are surrounded by walls. These walls protect the players and spectators along with acting as boundaries for the game. For an indoor building, an oval wood half wall or approximately four feet is sufficient. For an outdoor rink, the wall should be concrete block or brick. The wall must encompass a 40'x20' oval area.
  4. Create the floor. A roller hockey rink floor must be a smooth, unobstructed area. To build a roller hockey rink, consider the cost for the different types of available floor. The location of the rink plays a large part in the decision. A smooth concrete floor is the most economic in terms or creation and maintenance. Concrete is the best option to endure the elements for an outdoor rink. Interior rinks may also be created of wood or polymer flooring.
  5. Install the goals and measure the lines. One of the last pieces to build a roller hockey rink is the layout of the court. Measure the floor for the proper off-sides, center and goal lines. Place the goals in the right area.
  6. Fan area. When you build a roller hockey rink, remember the fans. Whether simple bleacher type stands or elaborate seating may be installed depending on the budget of the project.
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