How To Build Shower And Toilet For Tent Camper

If you're a tent camper, you can improve your outdoor experience immensely by following these tips for to build a camp shower and toilet.

To build shower and toilet for tent camper, you'll need:

  • A shovel
  • A bucket, preferably made of black plastic
  • A length of rubber hose
  • Bleach or hand sanitizer
  • Some tarps and rope for privacy curtains
  • A metal punch, or other tool to punch a hole in the bottom of your bucket
  1. Build your toilet far away from camp. Your toilet should be at least 200 feet from your camp, to keep away parasites and smells. It should also be 200 feet from any water source, to avoid contamination. Dig a hole or trench to use as a toilet; it doesn't have to be deep, but keep the dirt piled nearby so that you can cover your leavings after you're done. 
  2. Use a bucket and hose to build a camp shower. A bucket, a hose and the force of gravity are all you need to build an effective camp shower. Cut a hole in the bottom of the bucket; insert the hose an inch or two.  Make sure the hose isn't pinched shut. Then hang the bucket from a tree and fill it with water. 
  3. For a heated camp shower, use a black container and hang it in the sun. Black absorbs heat, and the sunlight will warm the water in your camp shower. Alternatively, you could fill your camp shower with a mix of boiled water (from the campfire) and cold water.
  4. Stay sanitary. When you use your camp toilet or latrine, remember to cover your leavings with dirt to prevent the spread of bacteria. Clean your hands with hand sanitizer or bleach water (one part bleach mixed with ten parts water). In the shower, don't let water get in your eyes or mouth, in case it's contaminated.
  5. Respect your privacy and that of other campers. For privacy's sake, you can hang tarps around your camp shower and toilet to screen yourself from the view of other campers.


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