How To Build A Sit On Top Kayak

How to build a sit on top kayak is something most boating enthusiasts want to know. There are many points of view when it comes to boatbuilding but one thing is for sure, simple is better. Kayaks are wonderful one person boats that can get you into tight spaces to fish, raft, and explore.

Things you will need:

Sit on top kayak kit


Various saws (jigsaw, bandsaw, radial arm saw)

Wrenches and screwdrivers


  1. Decide what you want. I know this sounds trivial but many people don’t know what they want in a kayak. You need to make up your mind about length, width and purpose. If you want to fish, you will need more space, than a rafting kayak. All of these are critical factors to decide before ordering a kit.  
  2. Research kayak kits. There is a kit for every size and type of kayak. You have to decide what type and length you need. This is actually the fun part. The kits are pretty simple, and the better kit you choose, the less work you will have to do once it arrives.
  3. Order the kayak kit and assemble it when it arrives. This is the most important step. If you don’t obey the instructions, then your kayak might sink. You must do what the manufacturer says to make sure your small boat is seaworthy.
  4. Test you kayak in shallow water. Before you go out into the deep, test your kayak in shallow water. If you can’t roll, it makes sense to learn this valuable skill as you may need to roll one day to save your life.


This is a crash course in how to build a sit on top kayak. It is highly recommended that you study kayaks for a while before ordering your kit.

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