How To Build A Skateboarding Rail

Knowing how to build a skateboarding rail will help you master tricks in your own area. Home made skateboarding rails are portable, which makes it possible to move the rail to a different location when weather is a factor.  Skateboarding rails help skaters all over the world master tricks that cannot otherwise be performed.

To build a skateboarding rail, you will need:

  • Bolderbond Glue
  • One 4’ 4×4
  • One 8’ 2×4
  • 2 6’ Steel Angle Rails
  • 4 Heavy Duty Clamps
  • Wet Rag
  • Saw
  • 1 ½” Screws
  • 2 ¼” Screws
  • Eight Angle Brackets
  • Screw Driver
  1. The first step in building a skateboarding rail is to cut the wood to size. You will want to cut two pieces of the 4×4 boards to 8" in length, and two more pieces of the 4×4 to 6.5" in length. Cut the 2×4 to a 6' pieces, and two 1' sections.
  2. Next, assembled the wood to make the structure of the rail. This is done by screwing one 1' section of the 2×4 to the bottom center of the 4×4 that you previously cut to 6.5". Do the same with the other 1' section of 4×4 and 6.5" section of 2×4.
  3. Place one of these foot structures on each end of the 6' section of 2×4 in order to elevate it to a flat surface. Next, equally space the remaining two sections of 8" 4×4 between the two legs. All of the wood structures should be connected with three 2 1/4" screws on each end.  Once this is complete, you will have a wood structured rain.
  4. Attack angle brackets to the wood structure. One should be used on each side of the two outer legs to strengthen the 1' 2×4 foot attachment to the 6.5" leg. Use the remaining four angle brackets to strengthen the attachments between the legs and the 6' 2×4. These brackets should be screwed on with the 1 1/2" screws.
  5. Apply water to the surface. Thoroughly wet the top and side surfaces of the 6' 2×4 as well as the insides of both 6' steel rails. This will create a stronger bond for the glue.
  6. Apply a heavy bead of bolderbond glue to the top sides of the 6' 2×4 surface. After the bead is placed, gently press on the 6' steel rails, one on each side. The steel rails will brace the outer edges of the 6' 2×4, creating a strong sliding surface for your board.
  7. Apply pressure to the rails using the clamps. Apply one clamp at each end, which will hold the clamps firmly on the board on both sides. The next two clamps should be applied, one to each rail, to hold the rails to the board from the top. Allow the bolderbond glue to dry for twenty four hours before using the rail.


  • Wax both outer edges of the steel rails for a smoother sliding surface.
  • Always place skateboarding rail on a flat surface when in use.
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