How To Build A Slab For A Hot Tub

If you are wondering how to build a slab for a hot tub, you've come to the right place. A concrete slab offers the necessary support required for the weight of a filled hot tub. Pour the concrete slab at least one week prior to the hot tub installation to ensure proper concrete curing. Pouring a concrete slab isn't overly difficult, but does entail some serious work.

To build a slab for a hot tub, you will need:

  • A tape measure
  • Wooden stakes
  • A shovel
  • A tamper
  • Gravel
  • Wood forms
  • A level
  1. Determine the size of the slab to fit around the hot tub. Pouring a slab one foot larger than the size of the hot tub is the rule of thumb, although the slab can be larger.
  2. Use wooden stakes to mark the ground where the slab is to be poured. Dig the marked area six inches down. Tamp the dirt to pack it firmly. Use a tamper or the end of a two-by-four.
  3. Add two inches of crushed stone to the bed of the hole. Level the stone using a two-by-four or other straight plank. Place wood forms around the edge of the hole.
  4. Pour the cement on top of the crushed stone. The cement slab needs to be a minimum of four inches thick and able to bear a load of no less than 120 pounds per square inch to support the weight of a water-filled hot tub. Use a pre-mixed concrete from a concrete truck.
  5. Level the surface of the concrete with the straight edge of a two-by-four or wooden plank. Check the level and make adjustments as needed. It is very important to have an even, level surface on which to put the hot tub. Allow the concrete slab to cure for at least one week before installing the hot tub.

Building a slab for a hot tub is a project an accomplished do-it-yourself type homeowner will successfully finish in a weekend. A level surface is critical to proper installation and to the integrity of the hot tub. Purchase all necessary supplies prior to beginning this home improvement project.



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