How To Build A Small Speed Boat

Need to know how to build a small speed boat? This is something that many kids wonder about. Kids love the challenge of putting a working model together. They will hate the time involved, but love the results. This is also an excellent project for dad and the kids to do together. One great resource for these kits is linked below. That website offers a superb model speed boat package, but there are certainly other options available.

To build a small speed boat, you will need:

  • A model speed boat kit
  • A complete set of paint brushes
  • Custom model paints (optional)
  1. Open the model kit and read the instructions. Each model type is unique, and you may choose to paint your speed boat a different color than those provided by the manufacturer. You can easily do this with model airplane paint that you get from your local hobby store.
  2. Begin assembling the boat. You should be able to put together the boat following the instructions quite easily; these vary by model, and degree of difficulty. For some people who have selected the models with higher degrees of difficulty, there may be some trouble in this phase, but make sure you refer to the instructions.
  3. Paint the boat. Painting the boat is a key part of the process. You can use the paints that came with the model or the custom model paints you purchased yourself. The key is to make your boat look the way you want it to look. Make sure you paint in one direction and use uniform sweeping strokes when you move the brush. Choosing paints other than those provided by the manufacturer is quite common. Many people who own models want their model to be unique. Painting is the most fun part of building a small speed boat.

These steps round out the process. You could take your model out to the lake (if you chose a motorized model) or you could simply display your model for visitors to see in your home. Either way, you have mastered the art of building a small speed boat!

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