How To Build A Snowboard Jib

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to build a snowboard jib. A snowboard jib is anything that a snowboarder jumps over, like a tree, railing, or snowpile.

  1. Determine how experienced you are at snowboarding. Before you build your own snowboard jib, attempt jibbing at nearby snowboard parks. Make sure you are skilled at stopping and turning in both directions before beginning to jib.
  2. Find a good area to build the jib. The area should have few debris or obstacles. The best place for a snowboard jib is typically in a large backyard or open field. Avoid building snowboard jibs in a high traffic area.
  3. Find the item you'd like to jib. This can be a tree branch, bucket, or similar item. Carefully position the item and make sure it is held securely by the snow. Check the item for sharp edges that could possibly scratch your snowboard. Test the jib by pushing on it, making sure that it will stay in place. Consider letting the jib freeze overnight before attemping to jib it.
  4. Make sure the wear a helmet the first time you attempt a new jib. Have a friend come along who can help just in case of emergency. Continue practicing on the jib until you have mastered it. It may take several times to get the speed, angle, and jump of a jib perfected. Don't worry if you fall the first few time–it will help you gain information about what should be done differently with the next attempt.
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