How To Build Soccer Cleats From Scratch

If you want to express your own style, learning how to build soccer cleats from scratch will better improve your odds to becoming more original. These steps will help you to start making the best customized cleats you've ever dreamed about. Remember, style is reflective of your personality, but performance should always be an important part when you actually play soccer.

  • Soccer cleats
  • Soccer ball
  • Stud key
  • Open space
  1. Find the proper size and model. First of all, you will need to choose cleats that are comfortable and easy to handle for your foot. If you do not do this, playing with the wrong sizes can bother you, and won't let you move freely and use all your potential. It can also affect the way you manage the soccer ball. If it is your first time, try to buy a pair of cleats that aren’t so expensive, because without experience, you can probably mess up your good intentions. For the model, try to find one that you can start building your own style with; or fuse two styles. Cleats tend to have slight differences between brands and year of manufacture. Materials can be synthetic or leather. Make sure which ones adjust to your specific needs.
  2. Picture your best and original look. Besides choosing the soccer cleats, the next step should be considering what you can really match together, once you have everything in front of you. If you think about it after getting the cleats, you can end up not applying your model correctly to your intentions, because of the junction system. Original looks are extensive, and depend on the level of creativity of the owner. As a recommendation, look over sports magazines and soccer players to get some inspiration. Try avoiding copying one particular model, because that will spoil your own creation. When you buy a pair of cleats, they usually come with different parts so you can better customize them.
  3. Parts of the soccer cleats. Once you have all these elements in order, it's time to check the components of every soccer cleat. Depending on the brand, you can almost always get three parts. The upper part is where the style really defines itself. The chassis is where everything is going to be placed. Then comes studs that you are going to attach to the chassis. There are three different types of studs according to the playing surface: for soft, firm and hard ground. To finish, another part which also comes in addition to the cleats and studs is the sockliner.
  4. Put the parts together. Grab the chassis and put it into the shoe. Then, add the studs, look for the receptacles, and put them there. Get some help using the stud key. To finish, put the sockliners into the upper part. That’s it for the building, once all of this is set up. Try them in an open space where you can move freely. Now, soccer can be fun and original with your own personal touch. 
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