How To Build Soccer Goal With PVC Pipe

Learning how to build soccer goal with PVC pipe is a simple operation that requires very little in the way of tools or professional skill, just a little hard work and the desire to get it done. To begin to build a soccer goal with PVC pipe you need to understand the dimension of a soccer goal and work your way down from there should you chose to create your goal as something different than regulation sized.

A regulation sized soccer goal is 24 feet wide, 8 feet high and (a recommended) 4 feet deep with the vertical and horizontal crossbars having a 4 inch facing. Now let us look at an inexpensive process to build a soccer goal with PVC pipe. We will look to build a regulation sized soccer goal (remember you can modify the dimension and supplies needed for any soccer goal based on the size of the soccer goal you choose to make).

Tools for the job:

  •             Hacksaw
  •             Scissors
  •             Cable ties

Supplies for the job:

  •             Ten 4” x 8’ PVC Piping
  •             Two 4” x 8’ PVC Piping  (Your local hardware store should be more than happy to cut your PVC piping to size.)
  •             Six PVC tees
  •             Four ninety-degree PVC elbows
  •             Four forty-five degree PVS elbows
  •             PVC Pipe Cement
  •             Deer Netting


Now we are ready to begin.

  1. Lay out six 4” x 8’ pieces. These will make-up your crossbar and back footing support for your soccer goal. Use 4 of your PVC tees to hook the 8’ pieces of PVC together. Be sure to fit your PVC all the way into the tees at both ends ensuring a snug fit. Also, ensure that the open end of the tees are facing the same direction. This will constitute the back of the crossbar.
  2. Select your crossbar. Now, using PVC cement, coat one end of the cross bar before placing the ninety-degree elbow. Do the same to the other side being sure to have the open end of the elbow facing the same direction.
  3. Next, select one 8’ piece of PVC, coat one end with PVC cement, and then place that end of the 8’ PVC tube into the ninety-degree elbow. Repeat the same steps for the other side.
  4. Now that you have your crossbar and sidebars in place, you can add the rest of the framework. Take 2 forty-five degree elbows and (using your PVC cement) attach them to the bottom of your sidebars with the open end facing the back of the soccer goal.
  5. Attach the two 4’ pieces to the open end of the forty-five degree elbows remembering to cement the ends.
  6. Take the second 24’ section you fitted in the very beginning and place it near the back of the goal. For this part you may need to reposition the goal or ask someone to assist you. Fit the remaining forty-five degree elbows to the 4’ pieces that extend from the bottom of your goal. Using PVC cement, affix the 8’ back footing to the goal. Be sure the tees are facing the crossbar.
  7. Take the two 8’ pieces, and with your hacksaw, cut about 2-3 inches from the piping, this will assist you in fitting the piping into the tee of your back footing and crossbar. Generously apply PVC cement to both ends and fit them into the tees.
  8. Use deer netting and cable ties to provide netting for your goal by rolling the netting from one side to the other using the cable ties to secure it to the PVC along the way. Use your scissors to cut the netting.


You are done; you have built a soccer goal with PVC pipe. Now step back and enjoy your handy work! Better yet, grab a ball and some friend’s and see who can score the first goal in you brand new soccer goal.

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