How To Build A Sofa Table With Turned Legs

Are you wondering how to build a sofa table with turned legs? Sofa tables come in various woods, styles and finishes. Sofa tables can be stained, painted or use both to create a country look.

  • Wood (choose the type of wood you will want for this project) 3/4 – 2" thickness.
  • L-brackets
  • Nails
  • Stain, paint
  • Power tools, jigs
  • tape measure
  • sand paper (medium and light grade)
  1. Decide if you will be turning the legs yourself. Turned legs can be purchased ready to finish on line on may web sites in a variety of styles. Make sure your wood will match purchased legs if you are considering buying turned legs for your sofa table.
  2. If you will be placing this piece behind your sofa measure the back of the sofa. Measure from the floor to the top of the sofa back to be sure the table will not be too high or low.
  3. Consider what items will be placed on the sofa table. If you will be putting a lamp on the table, you will need a wider width as opposed to placing small trinkets on the sofa table.
  4. Have your wood cut or cut the wood yourself. The top wood panel of the sofa table will be 46-48" long by 2" and 18" width. With legs the sofa table will stand at roughly 30" tall.
  5. Attach L brackets. Secure a bracket in each of the four corners using wood screws.
  6. Turn or attach the legs. Use your lathe with the proper jig(s) to create the style you want for your table. Attach to the L brackets.
  7. If you want decorate strips attach them at this point. This is optional, depending on the style. Use finishing nails to attach the strips.
  8. Sand the table. Use a medium grade followed by a light grade sand paper going with the grain. Remove saw dust.
  9. Finish your sofa table. Use stain or paint or a combination, depending on the style you want to achieve.
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