How To Build Street Luge Boards

Learning how to build street luge boards is an age old talent. Before street luge boards were widely available in stores, they used to be custom created. Of course, many people still want to build their own luge boards, to give it a touch of individuality and flair.

To build street luge boards, you will need:

  • Sheet Metal
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Saw
  • Measuring Tape
  • 2×4's
  • Eight skateboard wheels
  • Plywood
  • Drill
  • Skateboard Trucks
  • Old Carpet
  • Screwdriver
  • Super glue
  1. Start by using the saw to cut the 2×4's into three sections. Each section should be two inches longer than each part of your body. This will make it easier to ensure that the 2×4's overlap, and will make for a more solid luge board.
  2. Now the three sections of the luge board need to be joined together. The head and leg section need to be attached to the torso section by connecting them with four bolts (two for each section). Ensure that the torso section is at the bottom.
  3. You will need to attach the skateboard trucks to the base of the luge board using the bolts. One side of each of the skateboard section should be attached to each section of the luge. One of the skateboard sections should lie on the head section, while the other should lie between the torso and leg section.
  4. The foot pegs will need to be attached to the luge board at the locations where you added the skateboard trucks. Drill holes through the 2×4 along the wide part, and add a foot of electrical conduit, which will be the luge's foot pegs.
  5. Now you will need to build a seat, that is big enough for your torso. Simply shape a piece of plywood for the seat and fit it to the luge board using bolts. You also need to cut handholds into the base of your seat using a saw and some duct tape, as these will help for steering.
  6. Pad your seat with the old carpet, to make it more comfortable to sit on. Super glue should be used to stick the carpet to the seat.
  7. Now attach the skateboard wheels and their bearings to the bottom of the luge board using a screwdriver. Remember to always wear a helmet when using your street luge.
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