How To Build Strength For Youth Baseball Catchers

It is important to learn how to build strength for youth baseball catchers before a game. Baseball catchers need to be able to throw a baseball and know how to properly catch one. There are special training techniques that can help catchers build strength and be prepared for their very first game.

Items needed to help catchers build strength:

  • Baseball
  • Baseball glove
  • Bat
  • Chair/bench
  1. Allow young catchers to toss the ball. Most young baseball catchers have no idea how to properly throw a baseball. They may have tossed around a few balls out in the backyard, but if they are like most kids, it was all in good fun. The first step is to teach catchers how to stand and throw correctly. This may take them a little getting used to, but it pays off in the end.
  2. All the players must sit and throw the baseball. Allow the catchers to sit and throw the baseball out onto the field. They should only rotate their hips and turn their torso. It does not take long for most players to get the hang of this. Allow them to continuously throw the ball out for practice to build up arm strength.
  3. Allow the catchers to sit and throw the ball to other players. Alternate, giving all the players the opportunity to throw the baseball back and forth to one another. They should use the same body form, only rotating the hips and turning the torso. Allow the players to repeat this for a few practice skills.
  4. Swinging the bat. Allow catchers to use the bat to build up arm strength. They should practice swinging the bat back and forth. Allow them time to adjust to holding the bat and just swinging back and forth. Make sure for first-time players there is no one standing too close by. First-time baseball players may lose their grip on the bat and send it flying. Teach the players how to properly grip and hold the bat. Allow the baseball players to continue to do this until they feel comfortable with the bat. Then use it as a practice workout.
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