How To Build A Surf Fishing Cart

Learning how to build a surf fishing cart is fairly easy, but like with similar projects, you will need to have a basic understanding of craftsmanship. Wood can be some of the easiest material to make these carts with, and they certainly look nicer. Following these directions on how to build a surf fishing cart.

How to Build a Surf Fishing Cart: Materials

  • One sheet of plywood
  • Saw (table, jigsaw, or hand saw)
  • Nails or screws
  • Wood glue
  • Hammer or screw driver
  • Rubber wheels (2) with short metal axle
  • Three foot handles of metal, wood, or plastic to be attached to the cart

How to Build a Surf Fishing Cart

  1. First, purchase all of the materials. They should be available at any building supply company.
  2. Next, cut the base of the cart. A "two feet by one foot" cut out of plywood should work fine for this, as most coolers will fit on such a cart.
  3. Cut the front and back (as the sides will be left open so that a wider cooler may still be pulled on the car). These should be six inches tall or so, and two feet long.
  4. Attach the front and the back to the base of the cart using glue and screws or nails.
  5. Next, cut two strips of plywood that are one foot long (as they will run from front to back, on the underside of the cart) which will serve as wheel mounts. These should be at least one and a half inches thicker than the diameter of the wheels. Drill holes through them (one, about the size of the axle, in the front of each strip), and run the axle through the holes. Nail these mounts, so that the wheels will be close to the front of the cart, to the underside of the plywood base. Attach the two rubber wheels, and you should have a cart that has wheels only in the front, and a back and front of plywood, but open sides.
  6. Attach handles to the front of the cart. Two by fours can be used as handles, which should attach to the front, and extend down to the base, and up about three feet. These should be glued, and screwed or nailed in, about  eighteen inches apart. You should now have a cart that rolls when it is tilted forward, and can be easily pulled by its handles. If it is not sturdy, reinforce all joints with additional nails or screws.

Learning how to build a surf fishing cart is not too hard, but it does require the use of basic wood shop skills. But when it is complete, the cart makes transporting fishing gear and the cooler much easier.

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