How To Build A Surf Rack

Knowing how to build a surf rack is easy! It saves you money and eliminates the need to purchase a surf rack. Find an unused wall to hang your surf rack, such as a wall in a garage or a utility room in a basement. Building your own surf rack will take up a large amount of space–an entire wall could be used.

What you will need:

  • Two ladder hangers
  • Two eye hooks
  • One bungee cord
  • Stud finder
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  1. Use your stud finder to locate two studs in the wall about four-feet apart and mark them.
  2. Verify the two studs are level.
  3. Place the ladder hook on point and screw clockwise until the hook is facing up. Do the same with the other hook
  4. Screw the eye hooks in between the two ladder hooks, one above the ladder hooks by three-feet and one a few inches below.
  5. Grab your surfboard and place it on the ladder hooks. Make sure the fin side is towards you. Tilt the board against the wall.
  6. Attach the bungee cord to the eye hooks to secure the surfboard in place. Your surf rack is complete!

Any of these steps can be customized for your needs. Make an entire wall of hooks and you can put as many boards on the wall as you would like, just change the number of bungee cords to suit your needs. Add shelving underneath the hooks to give the surf rack a more stylish look. When building your own surf rack, your options are endless.

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