How To Build A Table Tennis Court

Learning how to build a table tennis court is as easy as following these simple steps. Table tennis courts are a great home improvement project for any house regardless of the size. You can build a full size table tennis court or shrink it down to a your desired size. It is a perfect way to not only make your house more children friendly, but also get you the daily exercise you need as well. While buy a table tennis court can cost anywhere from $400 to $700 dollar, building a table tennis court is in fact cheaper than you think. In this article, we will show you how to make a table tennis court.

To build a table tennis court, you will need:

  • plywood
  • wood glue
  • electric sander
  1. Determine the size of your table tennis court. A regular size table tennis court is 274 cm × 152.5 cm × 76 cm high (9 ft × 5 ft × 30 inches high). However, the great thing about table tennis is that you can shrink it down your desirable size, as long as you shrink it proportionally.
  2. Get a wood board. You will need a plywood board that is the size you want for your table tennis court. If the size you want is small enough, you may just need a single piece of wood. Otherwise, you may have to glue it together. Some wood shops will help you glue them. If not, you can always buy some wood glue, and glue two board together.
  3. Find the support. Now that you have the board, you will need support for that. There is really no restrictions here, you can get steel racks, or something PVC pipes hold up together. As long as your support structure supports the board in a secure fashion.
  4. Smooth the surface. To finish up, you will need an electric sander to smooth the table. You can rent one for an inexpensive price at any hardware store.
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