How To Build A Traditional Ford Hot Rod

Over the past several years, more and more people have been trying to learn how to build a traditional Ford hot rod.. The charm of this classic car as a hobby has been something of choice for many. The typical Ford Hot Rod Roadster is what most people wish for. The following steps will tell you exactly how to go about building one.

Things You'll Need to build a traditional Ford hot rod:

  • A vintage or flathead V8 engine.
  • An old Ford frame.
  • An old Ford Roadster Body.
  1. Begin by getting an old Ford Body. A 1932-1934, Model "T" or Model "A" will serve the purpose. Several repair panels can be obtained. In fact, the complete Ford hot rod bodies can also be obtained brand new. Get ahold of any extra piece or trim to get the body together such as sides, windshield, dash, hood top, and floor boards.
  2. Next, you need to get hold of a frame. A good choice to build a traditional Ford hot rod is the 1932. It should be narrowed to fit in under the "A" or "T" model. For the suspension, the choice is yours. Get brand new bushings for the shackle. The coil overs (modern type) maybe also be used. Choose the 1940-1948 drum-brakes. Use the wheels from 1940 that are made from Steel. Get the rolling chassis and then check a couple of times for the height.
  3. Now comes the drive train.  Get the transmissions of the same model—a Top loader with Lincoln Zephyr gears. This is what makes it a traditional Ford. You will find the "Zephyrs" easily on the aftermarket. Make the right choice and make the gears of the traditional Ford hot rod howl whenever you want!
  4. Select the body that is to be out on the chassis. Plywood was used by Henry Ford for the floors. Use a rubber mat to ensure that the plywood is covered. Get a comfortable cushy front seat. Trim and door panels are optional, but keep it simple. Get a period steering wheel. The traditional Ford hot rod was fairly simple in construction. Racers used to make use of saw blades and wrap them up after cutting them. The metal never shattered. Even bell wheels are available brand new. Install using easy wiring and use a fuse block for it.
  5. Chose your rims. The grille is a part to focus on while managing traditional hot rods. With Model "T," use a nose from a truck, Model "A" shell or even a tractor. With a Model "A," a Deuce shell will be great. The 1933 and 1934 should look amazing with the 1935-1938 narrowed Ford truck or even a couple of 1940 Ford hoods welded together. If the grille is the main feature …. headlights should show your personality. Get windshields and the tail lights. A 1939 Teardrop will be excellent and consider the 1950 Pontiac and 1948 Chevy.
  6. Cecide the color and get it painted. A rich black is all that it takes, or try something more adventurous. Enjoy your newly built traditional Ford hot rod!
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