How To Build Trailer For Kayaks

Learning how to build a trailer for your kayak can expand the uses of your kayak and make a fun project. If you don’t want your kayak to get potentially damaged while riding in the back of your truck, then a trailer is just what you need. A kayak trailer is fairly easy to build with just a little patience and the right supplies. If you’re ready to tackle the task, then take a look at the list of items you’ll need to complete your project.

To build your own kayak trailer, you’ll need the following items:

  • Tape measure
  • Saw
  • Electric drill
  • Screws
  • Water-treated lumber
  • Marine carpeting
  • Truck hitch
  • Wiring
  • Plastic ties
  • Lights
  • Axle w/ tires
  • Plastic strap hooks
  • Straps


  1. Build your trailer. The first step to building your own kayak trailer is cutting out your lumber. Make sure that your lumber has been water treated to prevent it from rotting out. Cut your lumber to a size that will adequately house your kayak and leave ample room on each side. This will help to keep your trailer stable while you transport your kayak. After your lumber has been cut out, cover it with marine carpeting. This will help to further extend the life of your trailer and make it much easier to load and unload your kayak from your trailer.
  2. Add the fixings. After you’ve covered your lumber with marine carpeting, you’ll be ready to attach your wiring and lights to your kayak’s boat trailer. To complete this, first install your trailer’s truck hitch to the front of your kayak’s trailer. Next, run your wiring from the hitch to the back of your trailer. To keep this wiring in place during use, make sure to run it under your boat trailer. Drill small holes in your boat trailer and use plastic ties to keep your wiring in place. Now you can attach your trailer lights to the back of your kayak. Attach one light on each side using your drill and screws. To finish this step, attach your wires to your lights and make sure they work.
  3. Finish your trailer. To finish your kayak trailer, first you’ll need to install your axle with the tires. Make sure that you install this axle near the back of your trailer, not in the middle. This will help to balance out your trailer and your kayak will ride much better during transportation. Next, install plastic hooks that will fit your straps on each side of your boat trailer. As far as quantity goes, use at least three hooks on each side. Make sure to space out your plastic hooks evenly to help balance out your kayak trailer. To finish this project, run your straps over top of your kayak trailer with your kayak on it. Make sure that the straps fit snug around your kayak before attempting to use your trailer.

Upon completion of these steps, make sure to test your kayak trailer around the neighborhood before attempting to take it on the water. Make sure that your trailer will adequately hold your kayak in place. Sometimes these trailers will require the use of additional support to keep your kayak in place. If you run into this issue, trying using some of your scrap lumber as support beams. Build these support beams at an angle on each side of your kayak. Upon completion of these steps, you’ll have your very own kayak trailer, go out and enjoy it on the water.

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