How To Build A Travel Trailer

Learning how to build a travel trailer can come in handy for many individuals seeking a relaxed and much more comfortable travelling experience. If getting an already built travel trailer exceeds your budget, you need not to worry since knowing how to build a travel trailer can give you the option of creating your little home as you will be able to carry various items you might need for your holiday or for your business if making a business trip. 

You will need:

  • An electric saw of 2" x 4" x 1/4" box
  • Basic welding tools
  • Steel for the frame
  • Axle kit
  • "C" Clamps
  • Suspension tongue preferably the length of a square tubing
  • Solid round bar
  • Fenders
  • Tires
  • Trailer hitch 1''
  • 2'x8' oak planks for the decks.
  1. Design the trailer. In knowing how to build a travel trailer, you will first be required to design a layout for a trailer which will differ depending on your requirements. Usually, the five foot wide trailer is the standard size. You can use an auto CAD program to draw some simple structural designs.
  2. Choose an axle kit. Base this on the capacity of the weight you plan to tow. You can now select the type of suspension system that will suit both the width of the trailer frame and height of the hitch. Suspension systems include torsion bar and leaf spring. Then, order steel from your supplier and cut it to the size based on your choice of design and also the dimensions. Ensure that the axle of the travel trailer fits below the frame before using it to weld the frame. Then, tackle the welds while ensuring that the frame is flat and even for it to be able to carry the weight you want.
  3. Place the axle close to the center of gravity. Approximately 6" behind the frame’s center is ideal to enable tilting when loading or off loading. Then, mount the tires and check that the axle is square and centered. Ensure that the distance between the hitch and each wheel is the same. Then, fasten the axle to the frame with "C" clamps.
  4. Mount the tongue on to a crossbar in front of the axle. Your trailer will be able to turn if you strengthen the gussets between the mounting tabs. Weld a bolt to the middle of the tongue to control tilting. Fit the trailer with its suspension system.
  5. Put together fenders with a stick welder. You can use low heat and small rods. Strengthen the fenders with angle iron to create mounting spot for lights and numbers plates. Weld together the sections of angle iron to create the trailer’s side and rails and vertical side braces.
  6. Cut oak planks with a saw to fit. Fasten the trailers measurements and join the oak sections together to make the trailer’s floor. Finally, smoothen and paint your trailer as desired. 
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