How To Build Tree Stands For Hunting

If you want to get the best shot, you need to know how to build tree stands for hunting. A hunter needs every advantage he can get. Using a tree stand to get up out of the normal line of sight of an animal is one such advantage. Many types of tree stands can be built, and your choice will be determined by what materials you have available and the amount of time you want to put into the project. Tree stands for hunting can be partially made by you and mated with other portions that are bought already made.

To build tree stands for hunting, you will need:

  • Something for the ladder (an old-style antenna masts work great)
  • Lumber to match your design
  1. Ask around or look at online classifieds for old antenna masts. These are three poles with welded cross members. Paint these matte black and they work great as the ladder portion of the tree stand. You may be able to find them for free if people just want the whole antenna removed. Use ratchet straps to secure the ladder to the tree.
  2. Select the right tree. If you have the right style tree, with limbs that lend themselves for putting a platform on, you should be able to easily measure and cut lumber to fit in.
  3. Half-built tree stands are another option. If you are using the above ladder portion, you can use a manufacturer's tree stand chair and platform to strap around the tree at the height of the ladder.

Once you have built the tree stand, sit in the stand and look for where you need to clear branches to have a good line of sight for hunting. Before hunting, make sure to always secure any portion of a tree stand to the tree, and to always use a tree stand harness. People have fallen out of tree stands while hunting and died from injuries from the fall.

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