How To Build Turkey Hunting Blinds

How do you build a turkey hunting blind? The purpose of the hunting blind in turkey hunting is to hide your movements while calling the turkey in and getting your shotgun up to aim it. The turkey has extremely good sight and can pick up any movement of even the best camouflaged hunter making a good blind sometimes the difference between a successful hunt and the unsuccessful hunt. Building a good blind is not hard, but must be done correctly in order to be effective and legal.

Items needed to build the turkey hunting blind.

  • Dead fall materials
  • Camo netting
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Staple gun
  • Staples
  • Seat
  • Owl hooter call
  • Nylon cord
  • Computer
  1. Check local laws. The place to start in building your turkey blind is finding out what is legal. In some states you can use only natural, dead materials to build blinds. In others you can use manmade materials but you can only use them for the day and they cannot be permanently attached to anything. These laws will go a long way towards determining what kind of blind you will make.
  2. Assemble materials. If you can use manmade materials buy what you need. Good canvas or nylon netting in a camouflage pattern is good. Buy or make stakes to hold it up around you and staples, nails or other items to hold it to the stakes. If you can only use natural dead fall materials you need to spend some time locating suitable material to pile up around you so start looking ahead of time.
  3. Find a suitable spot. In order to hunt turkey you need to find out where the turkey will be. You have done your homework ahead of time and found out a general area where there are a lot of turkey, haven't you? So now you need to find out where to place your blind. This is where something like an owl hooter will come in handy. Blowing an owl hooter can make a tom turkey involuntarily gobble allowing you to locate their roost.
  4. Setup your blind. Decide how you are going to sit. If using an elevated seat your blind will be taller than the blind if you are sitting on the ground. The ideal blind will be high enough to hid your movements, yet allow you a full range of view and the ability to shoot over the blind. Pile up dead materials in a circle or square around you high enough to hide your movements inside of it. Make sure it is far enough away if sitting on the ground to allow you to stretch your legs out in front of you. If you can use manmade materials place your stakes out far enough to move around inside of the blind. Attach the netting high enough to hide you yet not high enough to block your shooting or vision. Stop occasionally to sit in your seat to make sure of the height of your blind. Do not forget to make the doorway to get in and out.

That is basically how you build a turkey hunting blind. It is not a hard thing to make, but you must insure you are making a legal blind. A visit and ticket from a local DNR officer would definitely wreck your entire season. Make sure to make it big enough. Sitting cramped up for long hours will not be pleasant. Enjoy your hunt, and good luck.

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