How To Build A Vodka Ice Luge

If you are looking to take your party to the next level, learn how to build a vodka ice luge. Building one is a fairly easy process. All you need to begin are a few materials. 

  • Dresser drawer
  • Water
  • Freezer
  • Trash bag
  1. First, find all of the materials that you will need. The water can be from a sink or hose.
  2. Next, cut a waterproof trash bag down one of its side seams. Then, cut it along the bottom, and along the other seam so that you have a rectangle that is the size of the side of a trash bag.
  3. Place the trash bag into the dresser drawer. Its rectangle should be larger than the area of the drawer's bottom. It should come up the sides some, or  over the top. To set the bag sheet in place, hold it over the dresser, and press it down, into all four corners of the drawer. It can be best to tape the excess bag to the sides or top of the drawer. This bag will only serve as a waterproof container, to prevent water from dripping through the bottom edges and corners of the drawer.
  4. Fill the trash bag-lined drawer with water, and set it in the freezer to freeze. If necessary, you may have to use a storage freezer, as some refrigerators have freezers that are too small.
  5. It can take a long time, but once it is frozen, remove luge in the drawer from the freezer. Turn over the drawer to get the luge out. You know have a vodka luge, and pouring warm water onto it will carve a path along the vodka will travel. Do this, and mount the vodka ice luge, tilted up so that alcohol may be poured down it.
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