How To Build A Walk-In Cooler

For someone who highly value generating savings from preserving perishable products, learning how to build a walk-in cooler is something that they might be interested to learn. Building your own walk-in cooler is a cost effective way of storing products at the right temperature without needing to buy the expensive ready-made walk-in cooler. There are several do-it-yourself stores where you can buy affordable tools for the construction. You need to decide first about the size of the walk-in cooler you want to build.

Typically, you will need the following tools:

  • 2×4 wood planks (number of items needed will depend on how big your cooler is)
  • 2” polystyrene insulator board
  • ¼ particle board
  • fiberglass insulator
  • door frame
  • vinyl wall board
  • screws for wood
  • staple
  • liquid nails
  • thermostat plug
  • vinyl flooring
  • electrical box
  • 15 AMP single breaker
  • plywood
  • A/C unit
  1. Build the frame of your walk-in cooler. Use the 2×4 woods to build the frame at the size of 8x8x8 together with the door of your choice to place along the frame. Leave a hole from the frame that fits the size of you’re A/C unit. Make sure that the wood is at least 2’ apart from each other. Use the particle board to lift the walk-in cooler off the ground. Add a ceiling with a measure patterned from the 2×4 wood that are 2’ apart. Then install the door frame.
  2. Connect the electrical wire to the A/C unit while placing the plug just above the hole from the frame of the walk-in cooler.  You need to make the electoral breaker box its own breaker to be safe. Then add insulation to the walls, floor, and ceiling using the staple gun on the wood frame. Use wood screws to place the particle board on the walls and the ceiling using the plywood.
  3. Place the vinyl flooring and glue the insulation board to walls and ceiling using the liquid nails. Glue the vinyl wall board both inside and outside the walls of the walk-in cooler using the liquid nail. Set the thermostat at 39 to 41 degrees and your walk-in cooler will be ready to use.
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