How To Build Waterfowl Hunting Blinds

When planning to hunt ducks or geese it is best to learn how to build waterfowl hunting blinds. Waterfowl hunting is a cold weather sport and a blind can make your hunt more productive as well as comfortable. A hunting blind can offer both concealment and comfort on those cold days when waterfowl seem to fill the sky.  You can chose to build a blind as fancy or simple as you need, just remember as you build it you are doing it with hunting in mind.


  1. Know the laws. There are different laws in every state, county, and district regarding the placement and construction of waterfowl blinds. It is best to learn what the rules are before you start buying materials or planning your blind. 
  2. Pick a good location. Your blinds location is the most important element of your hunting success. Take the time to chose a location where you can reach out and down some birds.
  3. Choose the right building materials. Either you will want to build your blind to last the elements or you are going to want one that you can move easily. The need for mobility will dictate that you use lighter plywood than if you can build your blind to last. Buy your plywood with this in mind. Chose your paint with the terrain you plan to hunt in. When in doubt just pick dull colors.
  4. Assemble the blind. You are building a box and that is fairly simple but you need to think about how many people will be hunting with you. Build your seat with strong enough wood to hold your biggest hunting partners. A floor is not always necessary, but it can be nice to get your boots out of the mud and water. Remember that you will need to have a blind that you can raise and point your gun forward as you shoot, so give yourself enough room.
  5. Bush the blind. Once you have assembled and painted your blind, you will need to think about what you want to use for making your waterfowl blind to blend in with the surrounding environment. There are synthetic material and netting that can be attached to help cover the blind. Remember the closer a bird will come to your blind the better success you will have of dropping it from the sky.
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