How To Build A Wheel Chair Ramp

Learning how to build a wheelchair ramp makes the life of someone bound to a wheelchair so much easier. You will save a lot of money building it yourself and earn the gratitude of the person needing the ramp. Knowing how to build a wheelchair ramp insures a custom-built ramp that suits your property.

To learn how to build a wheelchair ramp, you will need:

  • Three to four inch thick pressure treated plywood
  • Four by four boards
  • Two by four boards
  • One by four boards
  • Hammer 
  • Nails
  • Chalk
  • String
  1. For every inch of height the ramp will be, you will need one foot of ramp length. For example, if the ramp needs to be 24 inches high, you will need to build it 24 feet in length. In addition, the ramp is required to be three feet wide. Side rails should also be added to prevent the wheelchair from rolling off the side of the ramp. It may save you time to draw up your plans and take them to the city building inspector for approval.
  2. Mark the length of the ramp with chalk. Mark where your posts will go. They should be every 48 inches on both sides, 24 inches below ground and reach 36 inches above the ramp. Use four by four posts. Pour concrete around the posts and make sure they set straight.
  3. Using the formula from before (one foot for every one inch of slope), mark the posts appropriately with chalk using a string to simulate where the ramp will be. When finished each successive mark should be four inches below the previous mark.
  4. Connect two by four inch side boards on either side of each post. Make sure that once the boards are in place correctly, they are nailed securely. Safety is of the utmost importance when building a wheelchair ramp.
  5. Build the floor joists using the same size boards. These go across horizontally on top of the side boards. Place these at 24 inch intervals for the safest ramp. They should be present at the very top and the very bottom of the ramp.
  6. Cut the plywood to fit the ramp and nail it securely along the joists. Finally, build the side rails by attaching one by four boards to the posts along the bottom, middle and top.


  • When building a wheelchair ramp, always incorporate as many safety measures into your design as possible.
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