How To Build A Whitewater Kayak

Knowing how to build a whitewater kayak may save you hundreds of dollars. A new kayak may cost up to $500 or more, so obviously building your own is the way to go. Here are some simple instructions on how to do just that!

To build a whitewater kayak, you will need:

  • two sheets of coroplast
  • liquid nail
  • para-cord
  • waterproof tape
  • plywood
  • utility knife or saw
  • awl or punch
  1. Lay the two sheets of coroplast on top of each other. Draw the kayak shape from one end to the other. (It should be about eight feet long and three feet wide).
  2. Cut out the shape with your utility knife or saw. Decide which will be the top of the kayak and cut the hole you will sit through. It's important to look at pictures before deciding how to build your whitewater kayak.
  3. Using liquid nail, glue the edges together and let dry. Punch holes around and sew up the edges using the para-cord. When building a whitewater kayak, take your time and make sure everything is done properly so you don't have to waste time starting over.
  4. Seal the edges completely with the waterproof tape. Safety is the highest priority when building a whitewater kayak.
  5. Make the forms with the plywood. You will need several of these to help the kayak maintain shape. These should be oval on the bottom and conform to the size of the frame. Space these about one foot apart. The smallest will be just a few inches wide and fit in the very ends of the boat, and the largest will be three feet wide and fit right in the middle. Cut a hole to fit a two-by-four in the top of each form. Thread a two-by-four through the holes. Fasten securely with the liquid nail compound.
  6. The person using the kayak will be seated a little off-center. Build the seat with the plywood, fitting it in between two of the forms on the floor of the boat. The two-by-four that holds the forms together should be cut away in this seat area.
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