How To Build A Wind Turbine

More and more people seek for information on how to build a wind turbine at home.  Since wind turbines convert wind power into electricity to power your home, these cut down your electricity bills by 80%. They also protect the environment. If you decide on having one, it will be a good idea to build your own wind turbine. Making one is an easy and cheap project.

You will need:

  • Motor
  • Blades
  • Mount
  • Tail
  • Tower
  • Drills
  • Bits
  • Jigsaw
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Tape Measure
  • Marker Pen
  1. Make sure that a wind turbine system will work for your home since it needs a constant and generous flow of wind in order to work properly. Check the average yearly wind flow in your area on Google. Also, examine your surroundings, since buildings or trees may block the wind flow in your area and will decrease its efficiency. Gather the necessary materials and tools to start to work.
  2. Make the blades by using a marker and making lines along the side of the PVC pipe. Cut the blades along those lines with the jigsaw and sand them to achieve the desired airfoil in order to increase their efficiency. You'll want to decrease the wind noise that they produce by spinning.
  3. Get a stong piece of plastic or metal that will not bend in order to use it as the tail. Cut in the shape and size you want, as long as it's wide enough to determine the direction of the turbine. Make sure it's stiff and rigid and not floppy, since it needs to be strong enough to resist outdoors weather conditions and strong winds.
  4. Make a serving sleeve for the motor by using the PVC pipe. Attach the blades to the motor. Adjust the tail, the mount and motor sleeves. Your wind turbine is finished now.
  5. Prepare a tower and install it to the ground, or on your roof. The tower must be very stable tower in order to withstand the rotation of the blades and heavy wind action. Paint your blades, motor sleeve, tail and tower to protect them from corrosion, thus ensuring long life for your wind turbine.
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