How To Build Wireless Remote TV Speakers

Learning how to build wireless remote TV speakers will allow you to listen to audio from your TV or other audio source in different areas of your home. This can be useful for parties or for making rear surround sound speakers wireless. It makes sense to start with existing speakers and convert those into wireless speakers. Follow these steps to learn about how to build wireless remote TV speakers.

What you will need:

  • Speakers
  • Wireless audio kit
  • Speaker wire


  1. Attach an audio cable from your audio source to the input on the wireless audio transmitter. You will need to use an audio source such as a cable box with audio outputs. If the audio source has a different style connector than the wireless audio transmitter, you will need to purchase an audio adapter to attach the audio cable to. Attach the power cord to the transmitter.
  2. Set the wireless audio receiver near a power outlet and where you will be using the wireless speakers. Attach the speakers to the receiver with speaker wire. You may need to attach an audio connector to the end of the speaker wire to plug into the receiver. Attach the power cord to the receiver as well.
  3. Power on the receiver and the transmitter. Play some audio to test the setup. If the audio is at a low quality, the receiver and transmitter may be too far apart. Check all of the the connections if you have problems. 

Tip: Wireless Speakers can be purchase that include a transmitter to attach to the audio source. Some of these devices have a battery built into the speaker so they can be more portable and used away from an outlet or outside.

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