How To Build A Wood Burning Hot Tub

How to build a wood burning hot tub is something that every hot tub enthusiast wants to know how to do safely. This design uses indirect heat and physics to simplify the design and make is safer.

Things you will need to build a wood burning hot tub:

  • Firewood
  • Hot tub (any design you like – it doesn’t have to work, it is just a receptacle)
  • Hot water tank
  • Heat-resistant flexible water tubing
  • Radiator
  • Water sealant
  • Metal hacksaw
  • Shovel
  • 5 pieces of aluminum siding
  1. Create level ground for your hot tub.  Your tub must be level and higher than the heating mechanism for this to work. Move your tub to this level area and proceed to build a fire pit for your logs and heating mechanism in the ground nearby. The pit should be the same width as one half of the water tank but  two feet longer than the height of the tank. This is the first and most important step in how to build a wood burning hot tub.
  2. Cut the hot water tank in half.  Line the rectangular pit with the siding. Put in the wood. Place one half of the tank on its side. You can now safely add wood under the tank, without having to move it. This is important. The aluminum siding will reflect back heat to the tank trough helping it get very hot, without losing heat to the ground as a heat sink. Fill the trough with water.
  3. Create winds in the waterproof tubing and connect it to the tub. The idea here is simple. Both end of the tubing connects to the tub but several winds of the tubing will be a bathed in the scalding water of the trough. You will start your hot tub out with cold water. The cold water from your hot tub will sink due to gravity and hydrodynamics to the trough. When the trough heats the water, it will rise back to your hot tub. The faster you heat the water with more wood, the faster your tub will heat up. Please note to stay away from the inlet nozzle.
  4. Test your hot tub. This design will heat slowly but shouldn’t scald. Be careful that the hose in the trough doesn’t leak and allow scalding water into your tub. This design will create hotter temperatures faster with more wood. Please careful in this process as it is inexact. If you build a bonfire, you can cook people with indirect heat. Indirect heat is much safer but not perfectly safe. Please be careful.

You have completed the tutorial on how to build a wood burning hot tub, now you can attempt this project with confidence and some safety precautions.

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