How To Build A Wood Grain Surfboard From Scratch

If you love surfing, learn how to build a wood grain surfboard from scratch. This activity is not just a carpentry job that you do in your garage, it is a way to increase your level of attachment to the sport of surfing. Great surfboarders like to build their boards to increase the commitment level they have for surfing.

You will need the following:

  • Plywood plank
  • Saw
  • Electric planar
  • Sheet of Fiberglass


  1. Design the surfboard. First, try out surfing on different surfboards. If you do not own one you can borrow or rent one. Select one surfboard that you feel is most fun and comfortable. Determine its weight, size, thickness and style. Measure all the dimensions and note them.
  2. When buying the wooden blank make sure the quality and strength are optimal and according to the one you selected before. The blank should be softer in the middle and harder on outside so that it is easy to mold.
  3. Draw the pattern on the wood or use the surfboard you selected earlier as a template. These patterns are useful to cut the outlines of the surfboard.
  4. Use a saw to cut the wood according to the measurements. Use an electric planar to smooth the outline surface of the wooden blank. Then smooth the bottom and the top using the planar but during this step make sure that you have the exact thickness of the board that you require. Finally sharpen the edges or the outer rails of the board.
  5. Add fiberglass to the board. This is done to preserve the surfboard from scratches and water damage.
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