How To Build A Wooden Airplane Propeller

Learning how to build a wooden airplane propeller is actually fairly simple, but you must have an understanding of basic tool use and craftsmanship. You will also need to know the recommended size of the propeller for your airplane. The following advice will help you build a wooden airplane propeller.

To build a wooden airplane propeller, you will need:

  • A hardwood board (two inches by eight inches and long enough to fit the recommended propeller size)
  • A table saw or electric hand saw
  • A chisel
  • An electric sander
  • Sandpaper
  • Varnish
  1. Consult an aviation expert to find out the appropriate size of a propeller for the airplane it is being built for. Note the length, width and thickness, and the best shape to use for your wooden propeller.
  2. Purchase all of the supplies that you will need. These may be found at any home improvement or construction supply store.
  3. Trace the shape of the propeller onto the piece of hardwood, going with the grain. It should have a round area in the middle, with two blades which are thickest in the middle going to each side of the board from its middle.
  4. Cut the traced propeller out of the hardwood. Then, using a chisel, chisel away at one side of the propeller on one blade, and at the opposite end on the other, so that the two blades lean in opposite directions. One this has been done, flip the propeller over and chisel so that both sides of one blade slant one direction, and on the other they slant the other way. This can take some time.
  5. Hold the airplane propeller up to an electric sander and narrow its edges. Then, narrow the end of the blades so that they taper to about half an inch in thickness at the ends of the blades, with close to one-and-a-half inches in thickness in the center parts of the slanted blades.
  6. Once the overall shape has been made, use sandpaper to make the wooden airplane propeller very smooth all over. Spend some time doing this, and then coat it with a sturdy wood varnish. Then, depending on the specifics of your plane, drill the appropriate hole in it, and install it if you like.

Building a wooden airplane propeller is not too hard, but it is a process that you should take some time on. Use finesse and caution in its construction, and you can have a beautifully crafted, homemade propeller after spending the right amount of effort.

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