How To Build Wooden Speed Boats

Learning how to build wooden speed boats is hard. You will need to construct a wooden hull that is perfect for a fast vessel. Many supplies and much of your time and money will be spent on the project, so know that you will have to plan your time and work carefully. The following is advice on how to build wooden speed boats.


  • Wood for hull
  • Wood for rudder and other structures
  • Inboard motor
  • Tools (equipment, sawing machines, wood finish)
  • Large indoor work space
  1. Come up with everything you need to make the craft. You will need strong wood for the keeled hull frame and wooden paneling for the sides of the hull of the speed boat. Any marine outfitter store can tell you what type of wood is best for the size and specifications of the boat that you are making.
  2. Begin building the wooden speed boat. Start by making the hull frame. This should be made so that it is long and narrow, and flat in the back with a tapered, pointed front. Speed boats are long and slender, making them go fast, so do not make your vessel any wider than you have to. Make the hull frame by cutting long pieces of wood for the sides, which are curved in toward the front and narrow at the bottom, nailing them together to make the shape.
  3. Nail the wooden paneling to the sides of the hull frame. The frame should be hollow. Cut slanted boards for the front, which will be used to mirror the curvature of the front of the boat when they are horizontally attached with their fronts slanted fronts facing down and back.
  4. Install the inboard motor. Mount it at the bottom of the back of the now-paneled hull. Make a wooden box around it to keep it in place, so that it will propel the boat from the back. Nail wood to the back of the hull, except where the motor comes out.
  5. You will also need to make your boat functional. Make a wooden rudder (or buy a metal one) and mount it below the back of the boat under the motor. You will need to know how to work marine electronics or hire an electrician to make it so that you may control the motor and direction of the craft from the console.
  6. Build a deck by placing horizontal pieces of wood across the inside of the hull just below its gunnel (the top side of the wooden hull). Nail these to the sides of the inside of the hull and build a console. Wire the console so that you are able to control the motor and direction from it via a throttle lever and a wheel. Build a hole in the deck so that you can pour gasoline or diesel into the inboard from above and install a pipe and cap for refilling. Then, polish your boat. Make sure everything is sanded and the wood is finished and sealed. Add seating on the deck if you like. Then you may use or further customize your homemade wooden speed boat.

Learning how to build wooden speed boats is quite difficult. You will have to make a reliable wooden hull, and then wire an inboard motor and rudder to a center console, which must be made above the deck of the boat, where you will stand or sit to control your craft. Expect to spend serious time and money on the project, and do not be afraid to consult experts if you run into snags.

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