How To Build A Wooden Wine Box For Two Bottles

Learning how to build a wooden box for two wine bottles is not too hard. Some basic materials are needed to undertake the task, which is described below.

Materials needed:

  • 1/2 inch thick wood
  • wine bottle
  • glue
  • soft foam
  • screws, drill, screwdriver, and saw
  • hinges
  • latch
  • sandpaper
  • varnish
  1. First, get measurements for the bottles of wine that will be kept in the box. Note length and width. Then, come up with a rectangular shape that is two to three inches wider and longer than the width of each bottle times two, and the height of a bottle. Note the dimensions (if bottles are eighteen inches by five inches, a box that is twenty to twenty-one inches by twelve to thirteen inches is fine).
  2. Then, cut the four sides of the box, and its top and bottom, according to these dimensions. Height of the sides is not too important, as long as it is at least two inches more than the thickness of the bottles.
  3. Construct the box. Screw the sides together, and screw the bottom on. Everything should be here except for the top. With nice looking hinges, attach the top. Opposite the hinges on the top, attach a nice looking and sturdy latch to keep the lid closed when carrying the box.
  4. Cut out some soft foam that fits the inner dimensions of the box, and place it in the bottom of the wine box. Then, if using thick foam, find a way to carve out indentations for bottles in the foam, or, if using thin foam, place another sheet between where the bottles will rest to act as a divider. The sides may also have foam attached, by glue.
  5. Sand and varnish the box. Then find out how to apply a handle or handles to the sides or top, and the box may be used.

Wine boxes are nice decorative items, but they can also be handy for wine transport. Building them requires a basic understanding of wood shop materials and their uses, but after some time working, nice looking boxes may result.

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