How To Build A Wrestling Ring

Knowing how to build a wrestling ring can turn an amateur fan into an aspiring professional wrestler. Backyard wrestling has increased in popularity and constructing a sturdy, high-quality ring is an integral part of turning a backyard wrestling organization into a serious endeavor. While a number of companies offer pre-made wrestling rings for sale, making a ring from scratch is considerably cheaper and allows you to customize the ring to your wishes. Just follow these steps to build a backyard brawl space.

In order to build a wrestling ring, you will need:

  • Four steel posts (about four inches in diameter and eight feet tall)
  • Steel or wooden beams (the length of your ring)
  • Tires, mattresses, or other padding
  • Plywood sheets
  • A tarp
  • Three ring ropes
  • Twelve turnbuckles
  1. Construct the frame of the ring. Begin by fixing the four corner posts to the ground. This can be done by digging a deep hole and cementing the posts into the hole or affixing wide bases to each post to keep them upright. Make sure the posts are evenly spaced (12, 14 and 16 foot rings are standard sizes). After the posts are in place, connect them with steel or wood beams to give the square a rigid structure.
  2. Fill the ring with padding. While professionally constructed rings may have open space under the mat, when you build a wrestling ring, it is easiest to fill this space up with material that will support the ring's surface. Old tires, mattresses or layers of padding will all work. After you have filled up the ring's structure, it should appear to start taking shape.
  3. Build the mat. The next step in building a wrestling ring is to construct a surface to slam, slap and splash on. Using cheap plywood from your local hardware store, cover the ring's surface. You can use duct tape to make sure gaps don't open up between the slabs of wood. Next, use a large tarp to completely cover the plywood. This tarp needs to be tight and secure, so tie its edges to anything and everything you can find. If you like, you can place foam padding between the plywood and tarp to soften the bumps you will soon be taking.   
  4. Attach the ropes. The final step of building a wrestling ring is to attach the ring ropes. You can either buy professional ropes from a wrestling gear supplier, or create your own by wrapping rope in electrical tape (to soften it). You can find turnbuckles at any hardware store, so attach three to each post (making sure they're all at the exact same height). After the turnbuckles are in place, thread each rope around the ring and tighten the turnbuckles so that they are held in place. 
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