How To Build Your Own Back Yard Basketball Court

You're reading this article because you want to know how to build your own back yard basketball court. That's exactly what you're going to get out of the time you spend reading too. After you finish reading, but before you jump right into building your own back yard basketball court, there are a couple of important decisions you need to make. What type of basketball court do you want to build and how close to any regulation courts do you want it to be?  NBA, College and High School courts are all 50 feet wide. However, there is a difference of 10 feet in length between the NBA/College and the High School basketball court with the former 94 feet long while the latter is 84 feet long. There's also the Junior High (or Middle) School choice of 74 feet long and 42 feet  wide. Of course, you can choose to build your basketball court smaller are even bigger.

Materials You'll Need:

  • Tape Measure
  • Masking Tape or Duct tape
  • Stencils and paint (optional–instead of tape)
  • Sufficient space
  • 2 basketball goals

This is your basketball court. After you've decided on what dimensions you want to build you basketball court and gotten your materials together, here are the simple steps to get the job done:

  1. Using the tape measure and masking tape (even duct tape will do) measure off the dimensions for the outer edge of your court. If you want your basketball court to look more "professional" and be more permanent, you can buy stencils and paint to build your court.
  2. Take the tape measure and determine the exact mid-point of your court. Lay a strip of tape from one sideline to the other, keeping it as straight as possible. This will be your mid-court line.
  3. Now let's mark off the key (or lane). Find the mid-point of each baseline. Measure 6 feet in both directions (the key is 12 feet wide). Lay down a strip of tape 19 feet long on both sides of the 12 foot mark from the baseline toward half-court. Now, lay down another strip of tape from one side to the other at the end of the 19 feet. This will be the free throw line (the backboard should come out four feet from the baseline so the free throw line will actually be 15 feet, not 19 feet).You should have a rectangle 12 feet wide and 19 feet deep.
  4. Next comes the semi-circle (better known as the top of the key). This is fairly simple. Just lay down your tape in a semi-circle pattern, making sure it has a radius of 6 feet from one tip of your rectangular lane to the other tip.
  5. Last but not least, the 3-point arch. This is not actually a complete arch. It begins with a 63 inch straight line from both sides of the baseline before the arch begins. After you've got the beginning of the 3-point arch, measure out 19 feet 9 inches or  23 feet 9 inches (NBA) for the curved part of the arch. At the top or peak of the arch you'll need to measure 22 feet  from the center of the rim for the NBA measurement .

There you have it. Now you know how to build your own back yard basketball court. Simple, and maybe even a little crude. But it will serve your basketball passion. And now you'll really have home-court advantage!

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