How To Build Your Own Gas Scooter

If you have a chainsaw laying around why not learn how to build your own gas scooter with that chainsaw? It is an economic way to travel short distances and if you got a teenage kid than it is the perfect way for them to get around town. Before we get started we are going to need these materials:

  • Foot-powered scooter
  • Chainsaw
  • Bicycle chain or equivalent
  • Nuts, bolts. washers
  • Drill
  • Chain link extractor
  • Dirt bike hand accelerator
  1. The first step is chain and bar from the chainsaw. Once you have done that take the bicycle chain or the equivalent chain you have and connect it to the chainsaw's crankshaft and the scooters sprocket.
  2. The second step to making a gas powered scooter is to bolt down the chainsaw to the scooter's deck. Make sure the chainsaw is lined up with the sprocket. If it is not the scooter will not run properly.
  3. The third step and final step to making a gas powered scooter is to install a dirt bike accelerator to one of the scooter's handlebars. Now wire the accelerator to the chainsaws throttle. Congratulations you have now have a gas powered scooter at a fraction of the price.


  • Before riding the scooter make sure the brakes are in working conditions and check with your local DMV on their laws on gas powered scooters. You may have to register it with the DMV before you can legally ride it.
  • You should also buy a bicycle speedometer so you can keep track of your speed. Chainsaw motors can be powerful and you maybe exceeding the speed limits in some areas.



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