How To Build Your Own Moped

Mopeds can be a costly investment so why not learn how to build your own moped? By building your own moped you can customize your design from start to finish. You can also choose everything from the wattage of your motor to the color of the moped itself. Building your own moped is not as hard as it may seem. In fact, all you need are a few parts and a few hours of time.

To build your own moped you will need:

  • A moped frame
  • A moped engine kit
  • Small welding machine or shop welder
  • Wire stripper and cutter combo tool
  1. Check your materials and parts. Before you get started you will want to set up your workspace. Make sure that the moped frame and the engine kit are compatible. Before building your own moped you will also want to open the engine kit box and make sure that all the parts and pieces are laid out and accounted for.

  2. Read through the engine kit manual. Each manufacturer is different. An engine kit purchased at a bike shop may be different from one purchased through an online retailer like Mopey Army. You will want to read through the directions for your engine kit carefully. Many kits come already assembled and just need a few minor connections and welding to complete the mounting on your own moped frame.

  3. Assemble the engine kit. In order to build your own moped and have it work properly, you will need to assemble the engine kit exactly as the directions state. There is no room for error on this step. If you decide to skip a manufacturer step you could have a fatal accident or at the very least damage your kit and frame. Take your time the first time. Follow and read through each step for the kit.

  4. Weld your motor in place. With your motor kit assembled you can move to welding it in place. Many people who have built their own mopeds state that the ideal place for your motor is welded to the bike in the same area as the water bottle holder is or would be located. The control box should be located between your handlebars and any battery pack or fuel line should be placed based on the manufacturer instructions for safety. If you do not know how to weld, do not attempt it. Have a welder do it for you. The small fee incurred with having a professional help with this step is worth it in the long run. Afterall, you are building your own moped and you want the money and time put into it to be worth it.

  5. Connect any wires, fuel lines and chains. This is by far the easiest step. You will need to connect any wires from the motor to the control box. You may or may not need your wire cutters and strippers for this step depending on how the wires are packaged. Once the wires are connected, connect your fuel line, if any, to the proper place. Finally, connect the chain. If you are using a pre-used bike frame you will need to also remove any disk brakes and original chain from the bike. Disk brakes are highly dangerous and can spark a fire during travel.

  6. Take your moped on a test drive. You have finished building your own moped and it's time to take it for a test drive. Just remember to follow all local city and state regulations for moped use and to follow all safety precautions. Listen for any issues with your moped. When you stop the moped, check for any fuel line leaks or exposed wiring that could be a problem later.

With just a few steps and a little knowledge, you can, in fact, build your own moped. Building your own moped is fairly easy and very cost effective. Moped frames and parts can be found at local bike stores and on the internet. Remember to always check warranty and safety information if you are purchasing all or part of your materials for building your own moped.

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