How To Build Your Own Skate And BMX Park

Want to learn how to build your own skate and BMX park from scratch? It is important to plan properly, as there are many elements which will define your success in skate park building. Building a park can have financial benefits, along with a sense of accomplishment. Your park can not only make money, but it can serve as a place for kids to go and keep out of trouble.

  1. Identify a suitable location. The first thing you will need to do is identify a suitable piece of land for your new BMX and skate park. Make sure the location is near your intended target market. If your park is too far out of the way, people may not be willing to travel. A good idea is to check how close public transportation routes are near your potential skate park location.
  2. Obtain proper licensing from your municipality. Make sure that you check with all the local town ordinances for rules and regulations regarding the construction of a skating and BMX park. In addition to permits you will also need to consider things such as area curfews which may curtail your business.
  3. Research insurance regulations. You should speak to several insurance providers in order to estimate the cost of a liability policy. Skating is an inherently dangerous sport and injuries are common. In addition to insurance, it is important to have proper liability releases for each park user to sign to hold you harmless in the event of an accident.
  4. Negotiate your land lease. Contact the landlord and find out how much it will cost you for rent. Be sure to check who will be responsible for paying the property taxes under new skate and BMX park.
  5. Raise capital. You will want to begin raising money if you have not done so. A good idea is to check with local businesses to find potential corporate sponsors. You can trade with companies in exchange for things such as naming rights to certain areas of the skate park.
  6. Obtain construction costs. Make sure you obtain quotes from at least three different construction firms to make sure that costs are in-line and competitive.  Talk with local skateboarders to find out what types of half pipes, quarter pipes, pools and other skating surfaces you may want to build.
  7. Advertise your new park. Once you're done building your BMX and skate park, you will need to get the word out. One of the best methods is to hang out where current skateboarders and BMX riders congregate. You may also want to give them promotions such as free trial passes to skate park.
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