How To Build Your Own Sports Car On A Budget

Need to know how to build your own sports car on a budget? Here, we're going to help you build that car of your dreams at your own budget. We'll go in depth about each step and thoroughly explain why each step needs to be done. So, here is how to build your own sports car on a budget.
Make sure you have the following:
  • All the necessary car parts (engine, gas tank and tires; some are your choice)
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Spoiler (if you want one)
  • Some sort of metal (your choice)
  • Interior material (leather or your choice)
  • Enough money to afford all the parts and services
  • Knowledge of cars
  • Tool kits (wrenches, hammers, nails)
  • Friends/People to help you
  1. Determine if you want to work all by yourself or with others. If you happen to have all the tools that you'll need, then feel free to work by yourself if you want. However, you probably don't have all the tools to build the car yourself so you'll probably need a little help. This can be your friends who work at car shops and can help you. The people you get help from can be anybody! If you have decided that you want and need help, then go find some people to help you. Also, make sure that you find a car expert to help you put the sports car parts together.
  2. Design the car. Do you want to make your sports car completely original? Or, do you want to make your car look inspired by another brand? Or, do you want to use another car's design? This is your choice. A lot of car companies go with the second scenario, so we recommend that you do the same. Add some creativity to your design. Choose what kind of metal you want to make the exterior out of. Decide what kind of interior you want. Choose what kind of engine you want. Determine what kind of metal you want to make your exterior out of. Design the doors. Draw your design on paper. Keep in mind that you're designing a sports car so make your design look sporty and perform like a sports car. Make sure that you add exact measurements to your design. 
  3. Buy some parts. Make sure that you can afford all the parts for your sports car. If you can't afford them all, change a few things in your design to fit your budget. If you plan on using some existing components already, buy them.
  4. Making some parts. Here is where you'll need the most help. Make sure that you talk to somebody that can help you build your parts. Try to find someone who works at a car shop or a car dealership that can arrange some time for you. Ask him to help you make the parts that you designed. Once they are made, have them shipped to your house. Don't forget to offer to pay this individual for his services.
  5. Assembly. Once you have all the parts and have gathered them, you'll now need to assemble them. You'll probably need a car expert for this step. Have this individual help you with assembly. Ask him where things should go. Ask him how to put the doors together. Have him help you with wiring the car in general. Attach the spoiler to your car. Make sure that you follow his advice, whether you think things can be done a different way or not. Also, don't forget to offer to pay this car expert for his services.
  6. Enjoy your new sports car! Once you have completed all these steps, you should now have a sports car that has fit your budget and your design. Fill 'er up with gas and enjoy the ride!
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