How To Build Your Own Sports Car

If you want to know how to build your own sports car, look no further than kit construction. "Kit cars", as they are commonly termed, are vehicles that are constructed in the garages of average joes like me and you, not some fancy designer racing assembly. As you will find out, these kits will help you build your own sports car and more: giving you the opportunity to take advantage of inexpensive upgrades to your soon-to-be-made automobile. A sports car should reflect its owner, and what other way to have your motor vehicle reflect you than building it from the ground up?

Here is what you will need to build your own sports car:

  • A car "kit" (can cost thousands of dollars)
  • A "donor" car to build upon
  • Investment money (anywhere between $5,000 to $50,000)
  • Patience
  • Space to build in
  • Friend to help with difficult tasks
  • Jacks to hold up car
  1. Decide which car you want to build. There are cars from all makes and models, to include Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and other upscale automobiles. These represent the finer brands of the sports car world and are commonplace in "kits". Besides, no one really makes money by piecing together a Fiat. So, decide what you really want to build and which designs suit your interests.
  2. Order the kit. A quick Google will yield hundreds of sites with connections to car kits around the world. Research prices prior to purchasing your sports car kit. Shipping usually comes in big "chunks" or parts. A significant, couple grand, investment investment will be needed for this step. Absolutely make sure the company is reputable!
  3. Find a Donor Car. This can be anything, but will save you more than a few steps in your sports car kit building. Many things you might not want to change are already there (i.e. the engine and transmission).
  4. Assemble. This may seem like a broad instruction, but your manual should further elaborate on the specific construction of your kit car. While a sports car is an automobile that has yet to be formed, there is a "form" to do it in. Generally, however, the wheels are mounted last and the springs are mounted first. Be sure to have a friend oversee the production and construction of your sports car.

Now, while we have gone over all of the main points within this article, it is important to check over with your kit cars manufacturer for any questions you have. You'll need a great deal of patience to build your own sports car, as you can tell. Yet, with perseverance, and a little elbow grease, it will be yours in no time!

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