How To Build Your Sales In The Pharmacy Business

The health care industry is a booming one so it's essential to know how to build your sales in the pharmacy business if you work in that industry. There are few industries that can withstand the ups and downs of the economy, but health care can. Thanks to technology and ground breaking discoveries, people live longer. People attribute longevity to better health care, prescription drugs, and supplements that improve the quality of our lives. If the pharmaceutical grass is so green, why do you need to know how to build sales in a pharmacy business? Because over three billion prescriptions were written in the United States last year, and most were filled by the large pharmacy chains. In most cases, people frequent the large chains, because they are most convenient.

Years ago, they were called “drug stores” and that was all they basically sold; some offered a few items for convenience sake. Now, the primary business of drug stores is not drugs, yet they have the lion’s share of prescription sales. What can you do to build sales in your pharmacy business? Cater to your customer. Offer services that the big chains don’t offer. You can’t compete with the big boys; they can outperform you every time. But people don’t just buy products, they buy service too. Your pharmacy should offer better service; it’s the only way to be competitive in this industry. There is a Walgreens or CVS on every other corner that makes the customer come into the pharmacy by making their experience a memorable one.

  1. Open a little earlier and close a little later. It's the pharmacy that “saves the day”, that everyone will remember. The larger pharmacies are rigid regarding hours-your flexibility will make a huge difference. When a customer phones in and says they are around the corner, stay open and wait for them. They won’t forget the gesture.
  2. Make sure the waiting area is comfortable and clean. Keep insightful brochures and flyers in the area for the customers.
  3. Make certain that your staff is warm, friendly, courteous, and professional. You can’t get that type of service everywhere.
  4. Answer questions and make sure the customer understands. Go the extra mile for the customer, even if this means calling the physician or insurance to get clarification.
  5. Have items in the store that tie into the industry. Stock bandages, first aid kits, thermometers, blood pressure machines, canes, neck braces, and other items that might be needed. One or two of each item should be sufficient.
  6. Place special orders for customers whenever possible and have the items shipped to their home or office; if it’s more convenient have it shipped to your business. When you make the customer's life less complicated, they will appreciate it and come back.
  7. Get out and into the community and rub shoulders with your future customers. Have a back to school fair or invite Santa and his elves to take pictures with the children for the holidays.
  8. Place business cards in assisted living complexes; let them know where you are and that you want to cater to them. If there are no local or county laws forbidding delivery of prescription drugs-offer delivery service to them.
  9. Sell yourself. Try and have some dialogue with every customer, get to know them.
  10. Promotional items make people happy-it doesn’t have to be extravagant: a pill case, or water bottle with your business name, address, and number proudly displayed.



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