How To Bunny Hop On A BMX

Learning how to bunny hop on a BMX is one of the most fundamental bike tricks you can learn in this extreme sport. Once you’ve perfected the lift and control, you can then take this simple maneuver and began to jump over large obstacles such as a bench or table. Before attempting any stunt remember safety first so wear protective gear from the get-go.

What you'll need:

  • BMX bike
  • Biking gloves
  • Bike helmet
  1. Ready position. Every stunt begins in the ready position and the bunny hop on a BMX ready position is to get on the bike with buttocks off the seat. Both feet on the pedals and hands gripped on handlebar.
  2. Lift front wheel first. This is where most get it wrong. A bunny hop on a BMX begins by pedaling forward and then pulling up on the handlebars and lifting the front wheels off the ground first.
  3. Keep feet leveled on pedals. It’s very important to keep both feet leveled on the foot pedals. Once you get the front tire airborne, your feet should be side-by-side not pedaling at all.
  4. Pull up on back wheel. Once you’ve pulled up on the handle bars with your hands, you now push your buttocks up in the air to pull the back of the bike upward. Doing  bunny hop on a BMX in one fluid rhythm. Use you arm muscles to pull front of the bike upward, then your lower back muscles to lift back of bike to level yourself parallel to the ground while you are airborne.
  5. Landing.  You should land with both feet still in a fixed position on the pedals and both tires should come down at the same time. Doing a bunny hop on a BMX does call for a solid landing, so be sure you see what's in front of you before you attempt this stunt.

Keep in mind that the bunny hop on a BMX is not trying to lift the entire bicycle up at once. Start with the front of the bike then pull up the back of the bike and you will find with practice your balance and rhythm. From there you can jump over curbs, rails, tables, benches or whatever gets you going. Be smart, keep safe and have a whole lot of fun!

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