How To Bunny Hop On A Mountain Bike

Learning how to bunny hop on a mountain bike is one of the most basic and rewarding tricks. You do not need and special skills or knowledge to learn how to bunny hope on a mountain bike. Learning how to bunny hop on a mountain bike is a great way to start learning more difficult mountain bike tricks. You should be comfortable riding your mountain bike before attempting a stunt such as a bunny hop.

  1. Practice the rear wheel lift. Slow the bike down to a moderate speed. Pull the front brake and pull up on the handle bar and the pedals simultaneously. Continue to practice this until you can successfully lift the rear wheel of the ground.
  2. Master the rear wheel lift. Repeat the entire process from step one. Do not use the front brake this time when practicing the rear wheel lift. Practice this until you can lift the rear wheel off the ground while moving, without the front brake.
  3. Perform a hop. Ride at a moderate speed. Press downward on the front handle bars to create compression in the shocks of your mountain bike. Jump upward, latching your feet onto the peddles and your hands onto the handle balls. Lift the bike upwards with you, using the rebound from the compression to help you lift the bike.
  4. Rotate the handlebars. Twist the handlebar of your mountain bike while you are in the air. Properly rotating the handlebars of your mountain bike is the key to performing a better bunny hop.
  5. Practice the bunny hop. Continue to practice the bunny hop using your mountain bike. Use large objects to hop over to build experience and get comfortable doing bunny hops with your mountain bike.


  • Start small until you are comfortable with bunny hops on your mountain bike.
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